Various social issues, hot bulletin board

News about the economic downturn reminiscent of the second foreign exchange crisis, the presidential election, and the academic evaluation of third-year elementary school students have recently attracted social attention. It is not a bright article by any means, but among them, the gold medal harvest harvested by Taegeuk warriors in the Asian Games enriches the mind as much as the golden field.
On the bulletin board of the Gwangju Times internet newspaper ( this week, the voices of netizens reflecting such social issues are constantly popping up.
In light of the recent difficult economic situation, a netizen, a prospective freshman who is about to enter middle school, said in an article titled ‘My Thoughts on the IMF’, “Korea has not completely escaped the IMF yet, but it is a dangerous volcano that is still active.” Please help my grandfather live well.”

Various social issues, hot bulletin board – Times bulletin board as rich as gold medals

In addition, while opinions for and against the closure of Gwangju Jungang Elementary School and the establishment of the Hyundai Arts Center were tense, ‘Gongdonghwa’ (ID) installed a modern elementary school on the site of the current Joongang Elementary School through ‘Appeal No. 2 to Citizen Parents’. Regarding the claim that it should be done, he said, “There are many cases of closing and separation of prestigious schools due to the hollowing out of the downtown area,” and said, “Let’s inherit and develop the local culture and revitalize the city center by establishing a modern ‘complex cultural center’ like the French Pompidou Center in the heart of Gwangju.” We seek the understanding of citizens and parents.

On the other hand, regarding education issues, a netizen said, “To teachers working in all elementary, middle and high schools across the country… ‘ In the letter sent, he asked, “Does the teachers feel anything while watching English education in elementary schools drive the whole country into an English craze, and private education expenses have increased tremendously, and teachers are emigrated because they dislike our country’s education system?” We need to get rid of the education system and fix the education system so that students can study without stress.”
As interest in North Korea has increased rapidly, such as the ‘North Korea craze’ in the Asian Games and the ‘development of Shinuiju Special Administrative Region’, bulletin boards are also reflecting the public’s interest, with various posts from netizens continuing, such as ‘Pungsujiri of Sinuiju Special Administrative Region’.
‘Saari’ (ID) raised the issue of land privatization in North Korea in an article titled ‘North Korea’s land of Sinuiju in the future’, while one netizen pointed out that ‘the nation’s wish is unification’, but raising the cost of unification is a big problem. I did too.

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