Swedish Massage Honest Review

First of all, the facilities here are amazing. Of course, I haven’t received a lot of massages, and I’ve received them twice in Korea and only received cheap massages when traveling abroad, such as Southeast Asia or China. (So ​​the price is a bit expensive)

This is because the massage is conducted in a private room. And there was even a shower room inside, and the lighting was subdued and the interior was very well done, so I felt like I was enjoying luxury. It was said that it was a hotel-style massage, but I have never received a hotel massage, but is a hotel-style massage like this? It made me think.

First of all, if you go to the reserved time, you will be assigned a room. I was assigned to room B.

When you enter room B, the therapist will come and give you a brief explanation. He tells you to take a shower first. This one was also very good. Actually, I want to clean up before the massage, but I was satisfied that there was a separate shower room like this. And what was also unusual was that the therapist was young? I think it was my first time at Therapy in my 20s. I think I only met people my age. Those who do not speak well.

After showering like that, press the doorbell and the therapist will come in.

And the bed had an electric blanket (?), so it was nice that it was warm. And first of all, I really liked that everything was clean. It smelled good and played my favorite classics in a nice atmosphere (centered on Beethoven’s piano sonatas? Something like a secret song came out from the ceiling speakers), so it felt really healing.

Swedish massage starts with the feet first. Of course, this is usually similar to aromatherapy massage. Should I say that the difference between Swedish massage is horizontal acupressure? to do more of that. In other words, while conventional massage involves a lot of pressure and pressing motions, Swedish massage uses the arm as if it were a wooden bat (?) did)

There were many consecutive movements of pushing all the way from the feet to the thighs. This applies not only to the lower body massage, but also to the upper body, and I think this is what sets Swedish massage apart from conventional massage. In this way, 서울출장마사지BEST.5 Swedish massage is performed with a focus on pushing the body as if flattening dough. It feels like my body is being straightened out, just like when making kalguksu noodles. That’s why it seemed like they were talking about massaging muscle fibers. After a massage, I felt very refreshed and my muscles were soft (or tattered). I’m a little worried that I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and get more together, but it’s like a tired feeling that’s being healed. It’s not very negative. Probably, I think everyone knows. It’s a little bit of exercise, a little drowsy, a little bit of muscles, but it’s something that feels good.

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