Swedish Massage Honest Review

First of all, the facilities here are amazing. Of course, I haven’t received a lot of massages, and I’ve received them twice in Korea and only received cheap massages when traveling abroad, such as Southeast Asia or China. (So ​​the price is a bit expensive) This is because the massage is conducted in a private … Read more

Various social issues, hot bulletin board

News about the economic downturn reminiscent of the second foreign exchange crisis, the presidential election, and the academic evaluation of third-year elementary school students have recently attracted social attention. It is not a bright article by any means, but among them, the gold medal harvest harvested by Taegeuk warriors in the Asian Games enriches the … Read more

The best massage and spas in Seoul

Spa 1899 has an origin unlike all other spa treatments here in Seoul.  Korea Ginseng Corporation or KGC started its red ginseng business in 1899 within the royal palace of the Korean Empire. Now called Cheong-kwan-Jang, the company has maintained their top position in the ginseng health supplement industry because of meticulous quality. The company is … Read more

History of Aromatherapy

The therapeutic use of aromatic plants seems to be as old as human civilisation itself. Plants such as fennel, coriander seeds, cumin and many others have been found at the sites of ancient burial grounds. Many texts from Asia to Ancient Egypt, and much of the Mediterranean area, describe the various procedures and rituals involved in … Read more